These galleries are from Sunday at the Prunedale SMART USDAA Trial. All photos are now online. If you have questions or need help to find photos, send me a message.
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Starters GamblersStarters SnookerPerf I GamblersPerf I SnookerAdvanced GamblersPerf II GamblersGP-Grp A (16/18")GP-Grp A (22")GP-Grp A (26")GP-Grp B (12"/14")GP-GrpB (22/26")Masters Gamblers-Grp A (16/18/22")Masters Gamblers-Grp A (26")Masters Gamblers-Grp B (12/14")Masters Gamblers-Grp B (22/26")Perf III Gamblers-Grp APerf III Gamblers-Grp BVeterans Gamblers-Grp APGP-Grp APGP-Grp B